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The Problem: Workplace search is useless

t’s not breaking news. Workplace search sucks. It’s broken, mostly useless. In fact, it’s so broken that 80% of employees recreate content that already exists simply because they can’t find it.
Sounds familiar?
Cognility is changing that by fixing workplace search permanently and efficiently.
Internal Search Satisfaction is Incredibly Low…
A survey by Tech Target shows just how dissatisfied employees are with their company’s internal search.

And it all costs a lot of money...

The broken workplace search is more expensive than it is time consuming. According to Gartner:

$0.10 = Cost of a digital problem resolution:

$8.00 = Cost of a live support:

9% of users use self service 

And IDC research shows that document-related inefficiencies lead to a 21% loss in productivity, equaling $20,000 per employee. That’s a lot of money.

Cognility Fixes Workplace Search for Good

Cognility empowers your team to be more productive, avoid unnecessary work (like duplicating documents), and saves your company resources.

Our AI search engine understands natural language, allowing it to retrieve meaningful answers.

We provide you with an integrated viewer that takes you directly to the relevant material in a video stream or PDF.

Cognility is packaged as an end-to-end, SMB-friendly SaaS.

Finally, the search is over. Most enterprise searches fit—no surprise—enterprises. Cognility tends to all company sizes, even when you’re just a team leader using Dropbox. Our end-to-end SaaS solution connects you directly to the content you need with natural language. No more keyword searches or figuring out the algorithm to find the best solution. We do it for you.
Isn’t that a relief?