Customer Support

Reduce returns, increase retention, improve understanding.

The Best Customer Support Is at Your Fingertips

According to CE research data, 36% of customers return their product due to difficulty with setup, installation, and usage.
Of course, customers return products for a variety of reasons. But two that we know can be fixes are:
A misunderstood product description, and
A complex installation process.
Cognility guarantees a drop in your return rate by helping customers understand your product better and guiding them through the installation process.

Let your experts help answer open questions to expand
and improve your knowledge base and solving tasks.

Assist the Customer Journey

Sometimes, customer support needs to step in when a customer has trouble. That’s the nature of owning a business and selling a product. Cognility simplifies the process before customers reach out to your support line by providing accurate, fast, and reliable answers to their natural language questions instantly. And when customer support does need to step in, there’s no shortage of answers available. Cognility is your customer support center’s new best friend, getting your customer in and out with satisfaction, understanding, and a product they’ll love even more.