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My goal is to help you and improve your child safety. Whether it is product installation or remind you when you need to update or adjust your product, such as a carseat. 
Your child and your privacy is very important to me. I will save ONLY data that that is required to give you the best service. I will never share any information unless you request me to.

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Carseat, strollers and smart monitors guide

"How do I connect my car seat?"
"which stroller have two seats that can go through a standard door?"
"I am looking for a sleeping monitor under $150"
"What carseat do I need for a 12 months baby?"

Baby tracker

"I changed a wet diaper"
"Add 10 minutes nursing from left side"
"Robin is 12.3 pounds now"
"Setup a diaper change reminder"
"Robin had a 6oz bottle at 8 this morning"

Connected devices

"Does Kelly has a fever? "
"Did she wake up during the night?"
"Turn on the light every morning at 7am"

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