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We are a team of enthusiastic designers and engineers, dedicated to create conversational experiences that help people, young and old. We saw new, innovative products that can transform lives, fall short of their promise just because customers don’t know how to use them properly. Products that can make us safer, healthier and happier, with great user manuals – that no one reads. For example, do you know that more than half of child car seats are not installed correctly? yes, that shocked us, too. 

That’s why we created the Cognility friendly product assistant. It harnesses the power of conversational AI to automatically create a product assistant, based on the product’s user guide. This is a godsend for manufacturers of products of all kinds – IoT, consumer electronics, sports, appliances and many, many more. Instead of struggling with customer service, they can put a Cognility assistant to explain about the product, show diagrams, and educate the user with the user manual that was written exactly for that purpose. Instead of dealing with bad reviews and excuses, companies can direct their energy and creativity in directions where they can make a difference. 



We believe that a good system is a simple one. You don’t need to learn how to use Cognility – it should be there for you in no time. To join in, just upload your user manual PDF file, and we’ll get you a working bot in two working days.


To make sure we provide the best answer and best experience, we have created a full chat bot platform, called Servo. In fact, we released it for everyone to use – it’s been fully open-sourced as a chatbot platform, for the greater good. We combine advanced Natural Language Processing, deep machine learning and rule-based AI to create a context-based technology for chatbots, with no hiccups, immediate responses and 99.9% uptime.


Not only it takes seconds to create and integrate a Cognility assistant, but we make sure it doesn’t cost you more going forward, too. Contact us to learn more about pricing.

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