A Listening platform.

We Make Conversations. So Your Customers Can Listen to You. 

Deliver your message 💌 through a conversation

A picture 🖼️ is worth a thousand words, and a video 🎞️ equals a thousand pictures. Cognility takes this one step further by using a ground-breaking, glass 🪟-shattering technology that allows conversation between viewers and videos. By promoting a dialogue, we keep the viewers watching more, leave more information remembered, and multiply lead generation conversion rates. 

But making a conversation is a different form of art than making a video. We work with some of the world’s greatest talents in both areas to create an unforgettable tête-à-tête.


9X comprehension

Viewers keep 95% of info from video, compared to 10% when reading text. 

3X engagement

Studies show that interactive engagement outperforms watch-only methods by a factor of 3.  

Multiple use cases

Explainer videos, how-tos, marketing messages, new products – whatever is fit to video.

Robust analytics

Hear your users questions, almost literally. Improve your message and product.


Translate videos to any language – automatically, professionally, or a mix.

Easy change

Change is easy for us – sometimes as easy as editing a document. Old video segments can easily be reused. 

A document-like editor 📝, included

Cognility system includes a new kind of editor, used to change the video with a text-first, document-like ease. It is built for simplicity – with all the right features for you the explain and instruct the subject at hand. Hierarchical Subject-Chapter-Segment structure, explanatory clarifications, global search and replace, visual cues, transitions, audio effects and more.

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