2022: Our Search Platform is in beta!

Thank you for being a part of the Cognility journey. 2022 is running its course and with it, we see cruelty, tragedy, but also technological progress and hopes – all part of the human experience. The latter is the part we’re trying to focus on these days.

In this blog post, I’ll explain what Cognility is focusing on and why we are so excited about it. But, let’s start with the good news first.

IT-Farm partners with Cognility! 

Among all the betas and the pilots, we are so proud to be joined by IT-Farm, the early-stage VC which has invested in companies like Zoom and Wish.com in their early days. Thank you @Julien Nguyen for the support and joint vision! We can’t wait to work together with you guys.

Cognility’s new platform

Let us describe what Cognility is all about. 
Knowledge is power, everyone knows that – and it is vital for building… anything. From business plans to sales presentations to how-to support videos, businesses rely on knowledge for their very lives. It resides all over the place – from Dropbox to Vimeo to Confluence to online communities – constantly in flux, updated, corrected and expanded. 
But many times, searching for knowledge is broken. People must know where to search, which keywords to use, and even if they do get a relevant link to a video or a document – they need to search again, this time within the video or the document and sometimes manually using the mouse � (can you imagine that in the 21st century?!) . 
This is exactly why we built Cognility. Cognility doesn’t provide search results. It provides spot-on answers. We’ve developed a deep learning Q&A model where the format and channel is of no importance; the only thing that matters is that users get an accurate, direct in-video and in-document answer. Click here to watch how our answer accuracy stands when compared against Tesla’s support site. And here to get early access to our beta. Because you and deserve answers, not search results. 

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