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AI Video Guidance Platform for Professional Teams

Share field knowledge and reduce tier 3 tickets​

Expert Generated Content

Let your experts help answer open questions to expand and improve your knowledge-base

AI indexes videos and text

Bootstrapped from existing documents and training videos, AI transforms all material to editable text.

Users watch visual, conversational instructions

No-install, hands-free conversational video. 
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Users record questions, receive expert answers

System directs questions to designated experts . AI adds answer for future queries.

Collaborative field knowledge 🤝

Cognility is an end-to-end video guidance system for professional teams. Bootstrapped from internal documentation and training videos, it presents users with step-by-step interactive videos, reads aloud document sections, and allows users and newbie technicians to ask for further help visually by recording video questions - which support experts can answer and further augment the knowledge base.

Powerful audio-visual search

Search topics, guides - and videos - all to find answers and procedures without delay

Hands-free operations

Let people in the field find answers with a quick voice request. Promote search and reduce phone support.

9X comprehension

Viewers keep 95% of info from video, compared to 10% when reading text. Now, imagine this applied to user manuals.

Robust analytics

Hear your users and technicians' questions, almost literally. Improve your documentation and product.

Expert generated content

Enable senior, champion experts in your team to help newbies resolve complex issues

Edit videos as documents

Using our Natural Language Editor, you can edit videos textually and control knowledge quality

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