Instructional video platform. Step-by-step player: included.

Create, Edit and Play Instructional Videos with AI-Assisted Efficiency

Do you know how to ⌨️ type?

Cognility is the only end-to-end platform that offers a video editor that allows you to create and change videos by changing only their script, and a conversational player that allows viewers to ask questions, receive clarifications, and follow step-by-step instructions. 

Here’s how it works:

AI imports and indexes how-to footage

From smartphone or official training videos. Transcribed into steps.

Edit the video like a document

Fix mistakes, certify instructions, add visual cues and images.

Watch step-by-step instructions

YouTube, MS Streams, Kaltura and more. Or use Cognility Smart Player

A simple and powerful 🚀 editor

Cognility is a text-first editor built for simplicity – with all the right features for you the explain and instruct the subject at hand. Hierarchical Subject-Chapter-Segment structure, explanatory clarifications, global search and replace, visual cues, transitions, audio effects and more.


Designed for scale

Keep improving

Maintain training quality, monitor changes, add field feedback – just by typing.

Enhance team productivity

If you can type, you can edit videos. Much less bottlenecks with much lower cost.

No tags needed

Index, organize, categorize, global search-n-replace and more – all out of the box.

Training visual cues

Add professional transitions, arrows and pointers to enhance your training.


Translate videos to any language – automatically, professionally, or a mix.

Easy re-use

Cut and paste video segments from your library. Easily add document paragraphs to videos.

A smart player, included ▶️

You can publish videos to YouTube, Vimeo or any other portal. You can also embed in your site the Cognility Smart Player. Our player allows voice navigation and search, reads aloud document sections, and even allows users to ask for further help by recording video questions. Click here to watch a quick demo and see these benefits for yourself.

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