Provide your users accurate,
AI-powered answers

Fuse video, PDFs and Web into one user experience, with a search engine that provides spot-on answers.

For 75% of users, knowledge-base search is useless

When searching in knowledge bases, most users feel they don’t get the answers they need. We use a natural language AI model to help companies provide spot-on answers to users’ questions. We also bring users directly into the exact location within videos and PDFs, and wrap it all inside a super slick conversational console.
 Knowledge bases should assist. Not annoy.

AI-powered search leads users directly to answers

At the core of Cognility’s platform stands a deep learning engine that understands the intent of the users, and not just the keywords they typed. What does that mean? Say a user needs to understand why her software provides inaccurate readings. In any regular search, the term ‘inaccurate readings’ would yield only articles that contain one of these words. On Cognility, on the other hand, it would tell her how to fix the problem – in this case, the article about device calibration. 

The only platform that truly combines video and documents

Your users want videos, but your data is in PDF’s. We support them all with one console that helps you provide answers with a slick and accessible UX. And the best thing? It brings users directly to the answer, within the PDF or the video.

Cognility hybrid player

Intuitive conversational Console


  • One video-like viewer for them all
  • Procedures and workflows support
  • Fully conversational interface, text, and button engagement

Answers, Spot On!

  • Takes user straight to the answer within videos; no more timeline scrolling.
  • Lands users on the paragraph inside the document itself; away with Ctrl-Fs!
  • Real, relevant answers with intent-based search. 
In video search

Knowledge Fusion™ engine

  • Browser-based viewer for PDFs, for desktop and mobile devices.
  • NLP-powered semantic analysis
  • Automated topic & workflow creation
  • Deep learning insight engine
In PDF search

The best user experience for self-service portals

Import PDFs, documents and video

Users ask questions

Answered via a single embeddable player

Analytics in real time to
improve quality

Provide your employees and customers with insights