An AI-powered knowledge base

That builds itself in minutes from your media, providing users spot-on answers in an instant


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Customers Deserve 360° Knowledge

Releasing a product is hard. Explaining how it works shouldn’t be. Support the search for knowledge with Cognility, the only platform that builds a knowledge base for you.
Upload documents, videos, and articles. Our AI will take care of the rest. Together, we create effortless, spot-on answers to users’ questions, no matter how complex.

Cognility hybrid player

An Intuitive conversational Console

  • Present your information like a natural conversation with Cognility’s intuitive AI-powered knowledge base. One video-like viewer displays answers, no matter what source(s) it’s coming from.
  • Our powerful Article Watch™ technology allows users to watch documents being read, saving them from endlessly scanning PDFs.
  • The fully conversational interface is equipped with voice, text, and navigation elements so users can find their exact answer even faster.

Spot-On Answers Every Time

Cognility’s AI-powered knowledge base takes you straight to the answer, no matter where it might be located. It scrolls directly to the timestamp in videos, directs users to the exact paragraph in documents, and provides real, relevant answers with intent-based search.

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Knowledge Fusion™ engine

How does Cognility work its magic? With our powerful Knowledge Fusion™ engine that uses NLP-powered semantic analyses, automated topic and workflow creation, and a deep learning insight engine.
All this is packaged neatly in a browser-based viewer optimized for any device.

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A self-organizing, end-to-end SaaS solution

In just three steps, Cognility creates a knowledge base for you.

Upload your videos and PDF’s, or create documents with Cognility’s online editor

One click knowledge app publish

Embed your new app in your website, or share its link with your users

The Only AI-Powered Knowledge Base Platform That Truly Combines Your Media

Cognility is the only platform that combines video and document data seamlessly, giving users exactly what they want: an answer. We support all your data with a single console using accessible UX.
Bring solutions to the palms of your users effortlessly with Cognility.