A Smart and Helpful
Machinery Assistant.

Automatically Generated.

Machines are complex

Once a machine leaves the manufacturing plant, it leaves a lot of operational knowledge behind it. User and service guides form the main vehicle to transfer this knowledge, but they are long, boring and their format is outdated. No wonder no one reads them. And that leads to more service costs, more repairs and much less customer satisfaction.

Cognility solves that

Meet Cognility. It is a helpful, industrial AI assistant, knowledgeable about the specific machine it is responsible for, interactively guiding through procedures and much more adapt to change. It is built automatically. In near-zero time and friction, companies can boost their user satisfaction rates.


Cognility Assistant is directly accessible through service codes, voice or chat. And if it didn’t find a good solution, it directly connects you to the right support person to talk with.

Increase Your Customer's Satisfaction


Use modern technologies


The fastest time-to-market customer service assistant


Getting increasingly smarter with layers of ML


Save on human service, product misuse, and bad reviews

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