Onboarding experience like no other.

With quality, high-res usability insights

Making an easy onboarding process should not be hard. Help your customers with the initial setup using an intuitive, personal AI assistant. Let them experience the greatness of your product immediately, and stay around to share expert knowledge in a natural way. Receive back quality insights on every friction point, and constantly improve your product and user experience.

Our AI assistants are created by AI, too.

Cognility offers a platform to create AI, voice-driven product assistants – out of your existing knowledge base. It does so automatically: just upload your user guides, tutorials and videos to the Cognility Authoring Studio, and our system will output a no-install web app that starts talking with your users as soon as they click it.

Make data driven decisions

How do you prioritize development? What are the product friction points? As soon as a user starts talking with the assistant, it transmits back to base every question, every hurdle and every problem. Cognility Analytics Studio provides you real-time insights, letting you act before the one-click returns.

Improve answer accuracy by 47%

Our assistant is generated only from the materials created and approved by the organization that knows best – your own. If these materials have issues, you’ll know it very shortly and be able to fix it. Vast amounts of knowledge usually hidden in cumbersome, slow web sites can now be dispersed to everyone with up to 47% relevancy improvement compared to industry gold standard. At last, you can be the expert of your products.

Knowledge. Shared. Evolving.

Knowledge evolves, and so do our assistants. With the feedback they receive, our assistants immediately improve the answer accuracy, broaden the knowledge and offer it to everyone, from onboarding and onwards. Build a community of users that share the love for your product – and let it grow.
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